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Chapter 2 page 8


Well that changes things now!

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Chapter 2: Page 10

| 04th November 2016 | Chapter 2

Nisa finally opens up to Naomi now they are alone... or are they?-----I may round off the chapter here and continue this new format as "episodes" going forward :) Stay tuned! PS: Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been busy getting ready for my first baby! :o :D   ...

Chapter 2: Page 9

| 05th September 2016 | Chapter 2

  I've decided to give mobile-first/vertical format a go to see if it makes for better reading and storytelling, to keep up the flow better :) Let me know what you think in the comments below!...

Chapter 2: Page 7

| 08th August 2016 | Chapter 2

    I think Emilee is feeling a little paranoid..!...

Chapter 2: Page 6

| 18th July 2016 | Chapter 2

Scene change! So I've decided to go back to colour. It takes a bit longer, but I'm happier with the results over the black and white. I'll probably go back over the previous 5 pages at some point to colour them to bring it all up to consistency.  I hope you're enjoying things so far, don't forget to leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions! :)...