Strange dreams. Unusual abilities. Paranoia.

These were the things that Naomi Clark was now having to get used to, even if she didn't understand them.

Now, a group of teenagers from all walks of life were being pulled from the comfort of what they thought was normal and are brought together out of fear and desperation; soon to be on the run for their lives not knowing who was after them or why.

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About the author

its me, Luke
This is me. Rarely do I take serious photos.

Luke has been drawing comics and things pretty much ever since he could hold a pencil. Always accused by teachers of daydreaming too much and living in a dream world.. well he still does! Only now, he draws it here for you to read.

Meet the cast

Naomi Profile
Naomi - So far, just has nightmares.
Emilee Profile
Emilee - Had a strange incident by unknown power and ability.
Nisa Profile
Nisa - Probably a little traumatised now...