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chapter 2: Page2

Posted by Luke Wilson on 2nd May 2016 in chapter 2 | chapter 2,page 2,nisa,naomi

chapter 2: Page 6

Posted by Luke Wilson on 18th July 2016 in chapter 2 | chapter 2,page 6,woodmist college,woodmist
Scene change! So I've decided to go back to colour. It takes a bit longer, but I'm happier with the results over the black and white. I'll probably go back over the previous 5 pages at some point to colour them to bring it all up to consistency.  I hope you're enjoying things so far, don't forget to leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions! :)...

chapter 2: Page 7

Posted by Luke Wilson on 8th August 2016 in chapter 2 | Emilee,paranoid,yelling,angry,college
    I think Emilee is feeling a little paranoid..!...

chapter 1: Beginnings

Posted by Luke Wilson on 24th August 2015 in chapter 1 | inside cover,beginnings,chapter 1,artwork
More coming shortly! Just getting the website design wrapped up :)...

chapter 1: Page 21

Posted by Luke Wilson on 19th November 2015 in chapter 1 | Nisa,Emilee,Naomi,sobbing,sarcasm,friends
  Ah sorry this is so late! Tablet crashed, lost all my progress, had to redraw... ugh. BUT at least now it gave me the chance to do this page a little differently as I wasn't completely happy with the previous incarnation. I'm also trying to get the art style how I want it, so there's a slight change in the way Emilee's face looks compared to the previous few pages. As always, let me know any of your thoughts and comments as I bring chapter 1 to a close :)...

chapter 1: Page 22

Posted by Luke Wilson on 23rd November 2015 in chapter 1 | video,spying,internet,random guy,emilee
SCENE CHANGE! Just when things couldn't get any worse... someone uploads a video to the web! Check out page four if you can't remember this guy....
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