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Chapter 1: Page 18

Posted by Luke Wilson on 19th October 2015 in Chapter 1 | Nisa,Emilee,Naomi,crater,sobbing
All paths eventually cross. Maybe one of these days, Nisa will stop sobbing and crying? Poor thing....

Chapter 1: Page 21

Posted by Luke Wilson on 19th November 2015 in Chapter 1 | Nisa,Emilee,Naomi,sobbing,sarcasm,friends
  Ah sorry this is so late! Tablet crashed, lost all my progress, had to redraw... ugh. BUT at least now it gave me the chance to do this page a little differently as I wasn't completely happy with the previous incarnation. I'm also trying to get the art style how I want it, so there's a slight change in the way Emilee's face looks compared to the previous few pages. As always, let me know any of your thoughts and comments as I bring Chapter 1 to a close :)...