Out of Time – Webcomic

Welcome to the new website for Out of Time! If you're new to the comic, then I welcome you with open arms, and if you're a regular, well, welcome back :)

If you're a regular reader of webcomics, then you'll probably know that most have a schedule or regular day which the new page is posted... well, this one doesn't (yet?) Updates every Month now (all being well!).

OoT began back in 2013, and then took a slightly longer than planned break, until recently. So I'm playing catch up on the story as and when I have a few hours to sit down and draw. Thankfully, this process has been made easier lately with my shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet! Much less time-consuming than pen and paper, scanning etc. and still returns the results I'm happy with. So that's good.

New here? Then start here, or read the synopsis. Regular here? See the latest page!

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
Drawing on the tablet has made life much easier!